For over 25 years, Quest has delivered cost-effective data and information that offers insights into consumer buying behavior, product positioning and effective merchandising.

With our solid field operations, Quest has managed various studies ranging in scope from 1 to 50 states and from 900 to more than 10,000 locations simultaneously across the United States. We have successfully managed over 2 million store visits throughout the years covering mystery shopping, retail audits, promotional audits, intercept, buyer studies, product distribution, OOS, pricing, product retrieval, age of stock, and retail observation.

In 2019, Quest launched QuesTracker, a robust competitive intelligence tool, which is available through our online portal at http://www.questracker.com


The strength of our team comes from the diversity of our industry, agency and client experience across 3 continents. The insights gained from managing projects from the US and Europe to the emerging markets of India and South East Asia, enables us to propose customized solutions to fit our client’s objectives.

Paul S. Donohoe


A true entrepreneur, Paul built Quest into an agile agency committed to delivering its clients world class service and solutions that exceed expectations.

Barbara Parsons

Vice President, Finance

Barbara ensures projects are managed efficiently and in-line with our client’s budget.

Beth Behnke

Director of Operations

With over a decade of experience with Quest, Beth maintains and manages our retailer network.

Linda Henkle

Director of Field Operations

Linda is responsible for recruiting our large network of field staff and quality control of data collection.