QuesTracker uniquely leverages our mystery shoppers to track the direct communication used by brands that would otherwise be hidden from other “one to many” tracking systems. Tracking the brand’s sequential flow of communication combined with ecommerce data results in a comprehensive benchmarking system with major benefits:

Increase awareness of the market landscape and new launches to inform your own brand’s strategy and development.

Increase insight into competitive tactics and strategies by tracking the sequential flow of responses between the brand and shopper.

Reduce ad-hoc monitoring and increase ability to predict promotional patterns, identify changes in strategy and spot new trends.

Increase speed and quality of decisions via timely tracking of competitor’s promotional activities, especially pricing.

Field Services

Large network of field operations personnel able to manage various studies across thousands of locations in the United States.


Services Offered:

  • Age of Stock Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Distribution Checks
  • Field Management
  • Focus Groups
  • Intercept Surveys
  • Merchandising Set-ups
  • Merchandising Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Out of Stock Studies
  • Photograph Studies


  • Pricing Analysis
  • Product Retrieval
  • Panel Recruitment
  • Product Checks
  • Promotional Audits
  • Retailer Compliance
  • Retail Observation
  • Sales Audits
  • Sticker On-serts
  • Trade Surveys

Quest Quick Questionnaire :Q3

A time sensitive study customized to client’s needs that will provide focused customer and/or product knowledge within 72 hours of study platform approval. Q3 fully integrates the Quest “Insighters” to gain “real market insights” quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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